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    ACR Engage celebrated its 4th anniversary this year. During these past four years, Engage has grown tremendously in its participants, communities, and discussion threads. Engage was originally designed to be a forum within which members could exchange ideas directly related to radiology and radiation oncology.  As Engage grew, discussions expanded into non-clinical topics including travel, retirement considerations, hobbies and more, the content and tenor of which continued to support Engage's goal of providing a collegial, collaborative, and constructive environment in which members can learn from one another. More recently, threads have expanded into the realms of social and political discourse, often only peripherally related to the clinical practice of radiology. They have begun taking on a different tone that is perceived as antagonistic and unprofessional. Discussions like these are considered counter to the ACR's vision when Engage was created. Engage was not and is not a forum for unfettered discussion of any and all topics of interest to its members. There are many other platforms available to discuss non-clinical topics. The ACR strives to accommodate non-clinical discussion in a way that serves the core purpose of Engage and the interests of its members in a balanced manner. With this in mind, the ACR Engage platform is being modified as follows: An updated ACR Engage Code of Conduct has been created. Members will be required to read and agree to the Code prior to continuing participation on Engage. As with all guidelines, the purpose of the Code is not to provide comprehensive criteria for participation, but to communicate participation guidelines as clearly as possible with the goal of providing practical guidance and to support consistent enforcement. The "ACR Open Forum" has been renamed "The Reading Room." This community is designated as the forum where topics related to the practice of clinical radiology will continue to be posted. "The Breakroom" will continue to serve as the community for recreational, less contentious topics. A new community ("The Back Room") has been created for discussions whose subject matter is, or becomes, largely political or social. Discussions in this community will remain subject to the Code of Conduct. Threads beginning elsewhere may be relocated here. Threads posted in this community will not be included in Daily Digest emails, but members may enter this community and participate if/when they wish. While posts in "The Back Room" may be more controversial than in other communities, they will be expected to remain respectful, collegial, and non-personal. It is hoped and expected that discussion in this community will be conducted in a collaborative, constructive and professional manner, the spirit in which Engage was created.